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On Color

My palette

Color can be Additive or Subtractive. The spectral colors of rainbows, television & movies are radiant. They radiate.  The "color" we perceive is not the actual color of the thing.

Colors of the natural world (paint, ink, crayons, jelly beans... things) reflect light. They bounce the light that is illuminating them to your eye.

I create an additive world of light & shadow using the subtractive medium of paint. 

It gets tricky. 

My medium

My medium is acrylic, mostly the Liquitex brand. 

Acrylic paints are water-based and have no odor. Drying is fast so envisioning ideas is fluid.

Cleanup is easy. 

The colors are bright and there is a rich distribution of hues. 

I do have to improvise substantially to fully represent my personal understanding

of color and of how color "works".

It gets tricky.

Comments about my art:

“I think you mix radiance into your colors.”


— Name, Title

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