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My Story

As a child,

I remember copying favorite cartoon characters from my comic books.

Later, I explored sacred geometry, the grid, topology, fractals,

confounding isometric interlacements and mystifying optical illusions.


These steps marked the path of learning a new "alphabet",

a dramatic visual language with a special grammar and graphical syntax --

Line... Shape... Form... Texture... Perspective... Composition... Scale...

Motion...  Space... and, ultimately, Meaning and Connection.

Along the way,

add in the magic of Color, the nature of Light, the miracle of Perception...and Imagination. 

My creative evolution is fueled by the intersection of fine and graphic arts

and includes video games, Vermeer, Vasarely, Van Gogh, Escher, Kafka, Kurasawa, Fellini,

Fantasia, TRON, Matrix, Avatar, visual music, Hollywood, Hovhaness, Bartok, the Internet,

kaleidoscopes, puzzles, mandalas, VR, AR and Social Media.

— Name, Title

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