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My original designs are now available as quality Fine Art Products --

> Giclees, Totes, Pillows, Scarves, Mugs, even Clothing... and more. 

Here's the story...

When you shop online, you browse, you look around, if you want to purchase something you make a selection...

and the online art marketplace does all the work ! 

    ... the online vendor does the printing, mounting, framing (optional), packing, shipping & billing...

    ... and the artist gets a fair commission. 

Here is one online fine art marketplace that I personally recommend...

NOTE: To navigate Red Bubble, be sure to click on "Shop".

ALERT!: DO NOT use the Red Bubble top menu.

                       That will bounce you out of MY personal portfolio into the RB marketplace-at-large.

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You can also purchase my original art here, online at...



internationally recognized, professional and well-respected

online Fine Art Marketplace, Portfolio and Gallery.

See my personal Saatchi portfolio and visit often to see updates and new works added.

          David Friedman Art
 F I N E   A R T   P R O D U C T S
      K A I L U A  ,   H  A  W  A  I  I   •   U  S  A
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